Josh Cavallo announced as face of the new Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Josh Cavallo announced as face of the new Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

While honesty, bravery and living your truth can come with some challenges as visibility increase, it can also pay dividends as huge brands see you as the kind of stand-up individual they want to be associated with. 


That is exactly what has happened with international football’s new golden boy Josh Cavallo. Whilst we were all disappointed by the homophobic abuse he received on the pitch recently, he is clearly having the last laugh as it has been announced that he’s partnering with Ralph Lauren to be part of the launch of their RLX CLARUS Polo Shirt. 


Josh told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: “What makes me so honoured to team up with Ralph Lauren are the values that this brand strives to be. Ralph Lauren strives for diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights across their business and in society so the connection with my coming out story and their values is something that attracted me.”


He went on, saying: “It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, black or white, they include everyone. For me it is more than a clothing brand, it is a family. I am really proud to represent them.”


This is clearly a huge deal, not just for Josh but it proves to every closeted professional player that there is a whole world of opportunities out there. He has shown the world of football what bravery looks like and whilst it might take a while to change the minds of bigoted ‘fans’, it shows other pro footballers that there is nothing to fear and everything to gain.