Queens of the World! RuPaul ru-veals cast of first international competition

Queens of the World! RuPaul ru-veals cast of first international competition

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 has only just started in the US but another iteration of one of the most prolific franchises in TV her-story is about to crack on with RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World (a mouthful even for us!) on Feb 1 on BBC3 and iPlayer.


As a jewel in the crown of the BBC3 terrestrial channel relaunch (it went online only back in 2016), it’s a spin-off (of a spin-off) and the very first multi-national version of Drag Race with competitors from the UK, USA, Holland, Canada and Thailand. No Italian, Spanish, Aussie or Kiwi racers it must be said so there is plenty of scope for more, as it stands there are only nine.  


Theories are flying around the social media-verse with some cheekily pontificating that it’s the UK vs The World as they filmed it while Ru was in the UK and didn’t want to fork out too much for visas, flights and hotels. How dare you! That’s assuming the franchise is money orientated. In the meantime you can see the new US season exclusively on WOW Presents Plus for £4.99/month if you’re in the UK. 


Perhaps that’s the reason for the show, as a pay off to UK fans who must subscribe to see Season 14? The mind boggles. One thing is for sure, we hope the international queens are prepared for the lack of prize money! It’ll be interesting to see how the UK queens fare against their international peers when they’ve not really been able to perform during the pandemic and received no prize money even for winning a challenge. In fairness all three DRUK alumni in the new show, Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea and Cheryl Hole have all done pretty with with endorsements since their season back in 2019. 


We are definitely excited for the new show as the format is still a bit of a mystery (will it be like All Stars with lip-sync assassins?) and the possibility of more queens joining is practically endless (although the now infamously strict border restrictions Down Under would almost definitely have prevented anyone flying over from Australia or New Zealand).


The production values seem to be top notch with the BBC clearly dipping into the Doctor Who special effects cupboard for the Meet The Queens episode and we hope they asked Mortal Kombat if they could ‘borrow’ their format!


See below for the announced cast (so far) and make sure you head on over to United Queendom for the UK’s premier Drag Race podcast.