Burger King Austria get on top (and bottom) of Pride Month

Burger King Austria get on top (and bottom) of Pride Month
Two tops or two bottoms for your meat? You decide.
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We talk a lot about giant companies jumping on the Pride bandwagon but sometimes you just have to hand it to a company for thinking outside the box (or bun). Enter Burger King’s Pride Whopper.


Burger King Austria is celebrating Pride by selling their flame grilled signature burgers with either two tops of a bun or two bottoms, to signify “with two matching buns for equal love and equal rights”.


Ostensibly its about same sex attraction but we’re pretty sure they get the irony of a piece of hot meat nestled in between two tops or two bottoms and that’s the sort of double entendre we appreciate as a community. The US arm of the company also did a Pride Whopper last year but it was just smaller (?!) and wrapped in a rainbow wrapper (yawn). 


The Instagram post announcement (see below) translates as ” “We stand for the equal rights of all identities and sexual orientations. A little twist to put a smile on your face and remind us to treat each other respectfully and peacefully. No matter who you are and who you love.”


Before we come down too hard on Burger King however, let’s not forget that they put their money where their mouth was last year by donating to LGBTQ+ charities and shading Chick-fil-A in the process. 


So it’s over to you McDonalds, can you TOP this? While we maintain our cynical arched brow, it’s good to see the marketing bods at least being a little bit witty in their hunt for the pink Pride pound. 

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