DeSantis’ Press Secretary says those against ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill are pedophiles (yes, even SNL)

DeSantis’ Press Secretary says those against ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill are pedophiles (yes, even SNL)
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FFS, here we go again. Conflating homosexuality with pedophilia is straight out of the far right playbook (we’re looking at you Hungary) so it should come as no surprise that Christina Pushaw, the press secretary for Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis, is a raging homophobe. 

Pushaw tweeted on Sunday: “The bill that liberals inaccurately call ‘Don’t Say Gay’ would be more accurately described as an Anti-Grooming Bill. If you’re against the Anti-Grooming Bill, you are probably a groomer or at least you don’t denounce the grooming of 4-8 year old children. Silence is complicity. This is how it works, Democrats, and I didn’t make the rules.”

Oh dear. Teaching kids about LGBTQ+ life at that age is exactly the RIGHT time to do it. Some people have two mummies, some boys prefer to wear a dress, etc etc. These are the lessons that kids take in without prejudice at that age. No kid is racist or anti-LGBTQ+ until they are taught it by society. It has as much to do with sex as reading them stories about princesses in towers.  

The only out gay man on office right now in Florida, Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, was having none of it angrily tweeting (see below) that the fact Pushaw thinks acknowledgement of gay and transgender people should be considered grooming means she should consider resigning, now. 

As if that wasn’t enough, she also tweeted in response to Kate McKinnon talking about the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill on Saturday Night Live this weekend “Why does SNL want to teach 3-8 year old children about sex, without telling their parents?” Literally, does she even know what the bill is about?! See the sketch below here as well. 

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