Pride cancelled in Georgian capital due to far right attacks ENCOURAGED by the church

Pride cancelled in Georgian capital due to far right attacks ENCOURAGED by the church
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In some shocking scenes not shown on mainstream media, we have got footage of the Georgian Orthodox Church sanctioning violent attacks on innocent LGBTQ+ civilians trying to hold a Pride event. 


In Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi, holding a Pride event isn’t just risky, it’s life threatening. That makes it all the more necessary in the eyes of some participants however, and threats weren’t going to the deter them from organising one on July 5th. Shockingly, due to an apparent lack of ‘action’ by the government, the CHURCH took it upon themselves to encourage a far-right brutal attack to put a stop to it themselves. 

Pride cancelled in Georgian capital due to far right attacks ENCOURAGED by the church

Calling it the ‘dignity march’, the Pride event has gone ahead despite counter-protests the last few years so this marks a decisive backward step for a country keen to show it is progressing with democracy and human rights. The anti-LGBTQ+ far-right thugs scaled a THREE storey building in order to get to the organisers and journalists and attack them. 


Eliot, a GLUE reader who bravely got in touch, said that at the latest count, 55 people had been injured, one of them seriously He said: ‘The protestors broke into the Tbilisi Pride headquarters, ripping the flag and completely destroying everything they could in the HQ. The pride march got cancelled because of that, so only a few people who didn’t see the information attended it’


Speaking got GLUE, Eliot continued ‘They still hosted a small pride event at an undisclosed location, around 100 people so that’s still a tiny win for us. I’m planning on going today, there’s a march in 1.5 hours to protest the stuff that happened yesterday’


In the video below, a priest can be seen preaching hate and Eliot translated it for us. The Catholic religious leader is saying: 


“Stop saying ‘no to violence’. We are obligated to be violent for our country. We need to be violent against them to save our people and save our religion.”


It goes without saying that these are terrifying times to be an LGBTQ+ person in Georgia but we MUST highlight what they have to deal with and why Pride is SO important. The government and the church MUST be held accountable for what is state sanctioned human rights abuse. 


We stand in solidarity with the Georgian LGBTQ+ community and will highlight what is going on there every time we can so we appreciate greatly readers reaching out and letting us know from the inside. Thank you to Eliot and all the journalists who put their lives at risk to bring us these stories. 


WARNING: Graphic scenes in this video as protesters storm the buildings, attacking Pride organisers and journalists alike. 


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