Gaming show GamesMaster is back and it’s more inclusive than ever

Gaming show GamesMaster is back and it’s more inclusive than ever
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Gaming is BIG business with revenues for the industry far surpassing that of the movie business and after the games boom during the pandemic, that looks likely to be permanent. 


Queer gamers are definitely under-represented but things are changing as people recognise that ‘gaymers’ (a term some often question) are not a small demographic. Gone are the days when video gaming was considered a boys hobby. 


Step forward 90s TV classic GamesMaster which is back this week on E4 in the UK but you can also catch the whole episode on YouTube below. Aren’t we good to you! We already love it as the first contender is non-binary and smashes a Super Mario 3D World challenge.


Later in the show, a beyond cute lesbian couple come on to play Call of Duty and declare their love for each other. The inclusivity is so natural, so simple and yet so effective. Queer gamers often see the video game world as a safe space and somewhere where they can be themselves, either using an avatar they feel best represents them or by making like-minded friends. 


Great job by a mainstream gaming show, proving how simple it is to do inclusivity and positive representation. Here’s episode 1 for you…


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