Inventing Anna’s Julia Garner handpicked by Madonna to play her in biopic

Inventing Anna’s Julia Garner handpicked by Madonna to play her in biopic
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One of the stand out stars of Ozark has reportedly beaten off some fierce competition to play icon Madonna in the biopic of her early years. 


Other names floating about in the mix have been Florence Pugh, Odessa Young and Euphoria’s Alexa Demie but after a rigorous audition process where potential Madonnas had to sing and dance with her choreographer, Garner has come out on top and been offered the plum role.


Madonna initially began writing the script for the movie in November 2020 with Diablo Cody of Young Adult and Juno fame but she left the project.  


It all started after word reached the Queen of Pop that there was a biopic about her life in the works without her involved, she moved quickly to rectify matters, ending up with a bidding war on her hands. She won and agreed to take the helm as writer and director of the forthcoming movie for Universal Pictures.


Madge said at the time: “I want to convey the incredible journey that life has taken me on as an artist, a musician, a dancer – a human being, trying to make her way in this world … There are so many untold and inspiring stories and who better to tell it than me. It’s essential to share the rollercoaster ride of my life with my voice and vision.”


No mincing her words there then eh. She didn’t stop there though, saying of the previous project: “Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool … Why would Universal Studios want to make a movie about me based on a script that is all lies???”


Ouch BURN(ing Up). Julia Garner is the perfect choice we think. He much memed performance in Inventing Anna DEFINITELY had shades of Madonna about it and her character in Ozark is just plain scary but with a hint of pathos. 


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