J-Lo supports her trans nibling’s first film

J-Lo supports her trans nibling’s first film
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A lot of us have a cool auntie, the one who always spoiled us or gave us stuff that our parents wouldn’t approve of. If you’re Brendon Scholl, that auntie just happens to be international icon Jennifer Lopez.

Last year, Auntie J (we made that up) made headlines when she spoke about her nibling (gender non-specific term for niece or nephew) and a documentary they were involved in. That short film has now been doing the rounds and is currently being shown at the Sundance Film Festival where it is generating a lot of buzz.

Draw With Me tells Brendon’s true life story as trans and non-binary directed by a family friend (don’t you have any family friends who happed to be directors?) Lopez introduced Scholl back in 2017 via and Instagram post which inspired the documentary and was filmed while they were only 16. 

The film is now officially entered into the Oscar race and having an intro from Auntie J certainly can’t harm its chances. 


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