As Ron DeSantis targets MORE drag shows, far-right homophobes collude with political candidates in a dangerous game

As Ron DeSantis targets MORE drag shows, far-right homophobes collude with political candidates in a dangerous game
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It’s pretty clear by now that the anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments expressed by the upper echelons of the GOP is trickling down to real life danger for literally EVERYONE


This week handlebar moustached homophobe Ethan Scmhidt-Crockett was been up to his old tricks again demanding PetSmart take down the ‘rainbow of Satan’ or the Pride flag to us. 


You may remember him from such greatest hit as when the 24-year-old from Arizona promised to visit Target stores in the Phoenix area during Pride Month and ‘expose’ what he called the ‘satanic pride shrines to children’ in various stores. Oh Ethan, do you ever change the channel?


This time he captured his whole moronic escapade on camera (see below) where he basically harasses staff in their place of work demanding they take down the Pride flag and accuses them of being complicit in pedophilia and the sexualising of children. That’s right folks, this is where all the political rhetoric ends up! Literally in the laps of every day Americans. 


Whereas we report regularly on right-wing bigots attacking Drag Queen Story Hours all over the world, this is just a pet store with a Pride flag up. That’s how bad it has gotten. The Pride flag or even showing support for LGBTQ+ people is now seen as grooming by the far-right, regardless of the context. It is up to POLITICIANS to wind this back but instead, they are making it ten times worse


It’s hardly surprising looking at some of the company Scmhidt-Crockett keeps, including Kari Lake who has featured in these very pages after getting into a spat with a former friend who just happened to be a drag queen she had apparently hung out with for years until she drank the GOP Kool-Aid and decided that they were all groomers. Oh dear.  


See the clip below. It’s worth it to watch to the end so you can see Ethan not even realise what store he’s in. We guess he just goes to wherever he’s been told they have a Pride flag and ‘does his thing’. 

So where is this trickling down from. Right from the TOP of course! FOX News have clearly decided that Ron DeSantis is their pick for the Republican Party Presidential nomination in 2024 as the channel ramps up rivalry between him and Donald Trump by ignoring the latter’s rambling rallies and giving DeSantis some prime time action of late. But would DeSantis actually be WORSE for queer people than Trump?


Today (July 31) DeSantis has filed a formal complaint against a restaurant in Miami restaurant R House that dared to host a drag brunch. The complaint stemmed from a video of said brunch which, according to the filing: “The video shows what appears to be a transgender dancer leading a young girl by the hand and walking through Respondent’s dining area. The dancers buttocks were fully exposed, and his ‘g-string’ style bikini bottom was stuffed with dollar bills.”


R House of course responded with class, saying: “We are an inclusive establishment and welcome all people to visit our restaurant. We are hopeful that Gov. DeSantis, a vociferous supporter and champion of Florida’s hospitality industry and small businesses, will see this as what it is, a misunderstanding, and that the matter will be resolved positively and promptly.”


You would THINK that DeSantis had better things to do that go for a Miami bar doing what drag bars do literally all over the world. It all just goes to show that DeSantis and the GOP at large are actively now persecuting the LGBTQ+ community in America and with the likes of Scmhidt-Crockett doing their bidding on the ground, it’s only a matter of time before things escalate to dangerous levels for queer people in the USA. 


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