LGB Alliance overwhelmingly condemned by Trade Union Congress in historic vote

LGB Alliance overwhelmingly condemned by Trade Union Congress in historic vote
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The Trade Union Congress almost unanimously vote to lobby against the LGB Alliance‘s charitable status.


With 200 votes to one, the TUC, which represents over 5.5 million UK workers, voted against the LGB Alliance at their annual LGBTQ+ conference.


TUC decided that: “This conference condemns any transphobic organisation who are awarded charity status by the Charity Commission. Charity status enables them to apply for grant funding, claim tax relief and be recognised as a force for social good.”


The TUC represents workers from over 48 trade unions, from the healthcare sector to teaching and far beyond, and the general council is advised by the LGBTQ+ committee. They have vowed to campaign against any anti-trans groups that apply for the beneficial charitable status.


We already know that the charitable status of the LGB Alliance, which has been called a ‘hate group’ in some quarters, is being looked into, with trans youth charity Mermaids leading the fight, but this is another great step forward.


The head organiser for LGBTQ+ educators for the National Education Union, David Braniff-Herbert, tweeted the following after the historic vote.


The next day, the National Education Union received a lengthy dossier warning of the ‘dangers’ of gender ideology which included a hand-written message detailing an “advance of transgender agenda”, how “how gender ideology harms children”, and saying it’s ‘Biologically impossible’ to change your sex.” The dossier included bible verses as well (SURPRISE).


The TUC also stood firm with embattled charity Stonewall, which is currently being sued by one of the LGB Alliance founders, and said in another proposal:

“We stand in solidarity with Stonewall who remain at the forefront of the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights as well as for collectivism and we, as a movement, need to step up as allies with trans and non-binary people.”


The motion was passed with rapturous applause (see below), which just goes to show the power of the unions.

The LGB Alliance continues trying its best to pretend it is a legit group, having been controversially awarded with a National Lottery grant, yet the ever-increasing mound of evidence to the contrary is impossible to ignore. 




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