LGBTQ+ Ukrainians wear unicorn insignias on their uniforms on the front line

LGBTQ+ Ukrainians wear unicorn insignias on their uniforms on the front line
The unicorn insignia displayed by queer people fighting for the Ukraine
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The war in the Ukraine has sent ripples around the world and changed the geopolitical landscape for good. Queer people that have signed up to fight for their country have been proudly sewing unicorn badges on their uniforms.


Reuters have interviewed a couple named Zhuhan and Romanova and their story is inspiring. Romanova said: “I just remember that at a certain point it became obvious that we only had three options: either hide in a bomb shelter, run away and escape, or join the Territorial Defence (volunteers). We chose the third option.”


After a tour of duty in Odesa where the couple fought side by side in the same company, Romanova (who identifies as non-binary) said the reaction to them surprised even them: “There was no aggression, no bullying… It was a little unusual for the others. But, over time, people started calling me Antonina, some even used my she pronoun.” 


The choice of the unicorn is particularly significant in light of Russia and Putin’s wild anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and it was chosen for a variety of reasons. “Lots of people said there are no gay people in the army, so they (the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community) chose the unicorn because it is like a fantastic ‘non-existent’ creature.”


It is another two fingers up to Putin and his bloodthirsty war. As queer people’s identities are eradicated in Russia, in Ukraine many are refusing to run and fighting for their family, their country and their queer culture. 


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