MJ Rodriguez named as one of TIME’s Women of the Year 2022

MJ Rodriguez named as one of TIME’s Women of the Year 2022
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Actress, singer and all round superstar MJ Rodriguez has been recognised by TIME as one of their Women of the Year 2022 meaning she is the first Afro-latina trans woman ever to be named on the list.


Earlier this year she became the first trans woman to ever be nominated for an Emmy and then the first trans woman to win a Golden Globe. In a statement on her Instagram, MJ said ‘I appreciate all of you for loving me the way you do. As I always say I am only human, but the human experience is a beautiful one.’


In an interview for TIME, she also said: “When I was younger, I didn’t have representation for anyone of color in the LGBTQI community. Now I want to be the example. I want to show them that it’s possible. I still am a work in progress—which I always have to say, because a lot of people think that you know, people in my position who have the title of ‘celebrity,’ like, we have everything given to us and that everything is laid out on the table, it’s not like that.”


So another milestone for Rodriguez, shining like  beacon at a time when trans youth are constantly being undermined, erased and used as political scapegoats throughout various states. 

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