Peter Tatchell calls for politicised, non-commercial Pride with ‘no floats’

Peter Tatchell calls for politicised, non-commercial Pride with ‘no floats’
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LGBTQ+ and human rights activist Peter Tatchell has always been a divisive figure, something that he embraces in new documentary Hating Peter Tatchell on Netflix.  After all, you can’t change establishment unless you’re a thorn in it’s side. 

Despite Pride in London being moved to September 11 in the city due to Covid, costs and no doubt the various troubles they have had right at the top. In response to what some see as the commercialisation of Pride, Tatchell has suggested an alternative march in late June.

Tatchell says in a statement on his website: “If we organise it as an LGBT+ rights march, it won’t cost a penny. There would be no floats, no stage and no speakers at the end. Totally open, egalitarian and grassroots. It would reclaim Pride for the community’

Would you attend a Pride that was less about the party and more about the politics? Tatchell continues, ‘The march could go past 10 Downing Street, so people can vent their anger at Boris Johnson blocking progress on LGBT+ rights.’ 

Tatchell added in his statement: “Pride in London has become depoliticised. This Pride can change that. As well as being a joyful celebration, it should also profile LGBT+ human rights issues, such as the government stalling on a conversion therapy ban, blocking reform of the Gender Recognition Act and failing to end the detention of LGBT+ asylum seekers.’ 

Much has been said about huge companies temporarily changing their logos or having a float at Pride but doing little else with hardly any LGBTQ+ representation on their boards etc. Isn’t it better that they do something rather than nothing however?

This is a slow process and things are already getting better so while it’s important for big businesses to put their money where their mouth is, is it helpful to push help they are offering away? It’s a topic we will be looking into in depth during our Pride month content in June.

In the meantime, the documentary about the man himself, tongue-in-cheekily called Hating Peter Tachell, is out on Netflix now.

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