Scottish Premier Nicola Sturgeon shoots down JK Rowling for YET ANOTHER bogus anti-trans tweet

Scottish Premier Nicola Sturgeon shoots down JK Rowling for YET ANOTHER bogus anti-trans tweet
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Just in time for yesterday’s International Women’s Day comes another misinformed accusatory tweet from TERF-in-chief, once beloved author JK Rowling. Well, the First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party was having none of it. 


Sturgeon has put forward a reform bill that would simplify the process for trans people to legally change their gender by getting a gender recognition certificate which is what’s required for them to receive a new birth certificate. This is a process that ALREADY EXISTS in the Scotland, the reform just simplifies the process.


As things stand people who apply have to be  over 18, medically diagnosed as having gender dysphoria as well as having gone through a minimum two-year process.  The new reform bill means they could be 16, would no longer need medical evidence of gender dysphoria but would be required to live in their gender for a minimum of a 3 months and then swear to their intention of living the rest of their life as that chosen gender, with a penalty of 2 YEARS in prison for false claims. Hardly a walk in the park then. 


Jumping to all the wrong conclusions AGAIN, Rowling took to her twitter for a spot of trans fear-mongering and misinformation sharing.

She said: “Some groups have voiced concerns that the proposals could erode women’s sex-based rights and access to women-only spaces and services, including hospital wards and refuges. The law @nicolasturgeon’s trying to pass in Scotland will harm the most vulnerable women in society: those seeking help after male violence/rape and incarcerated women. Statistics show that imprisoned women are already far more likely to have been previously abused.”


What a surprise! JK Rowling conflates trans people with criminals with zero evidence, talking about a reform that is designed to make trans people’s lives just that little bit easier whilst have no impact whatsoever on ‘safe spaces’. Sturgeon was asked about it and had this to say in response:

“This is about a process, an existing process, by which people can legally change their gender, and it’s about making that process less traumatic and inhumane for trans people, one of the most stigmatised minorities in our society. It doesn’t give trans people any more rights, doesn’t give trans people one single additional right that they don’t have right now. Nor does it take away from women any of the current existing rights that women have under the Equalities Act.”


Rowling literally just keeps banging the same drum with no evidence and continues to stoke the fires of hatred for trans people whilst claiming she isn’t transphobic. Trans rights are NOT in conflict with women’s rights, it really is that simple. 


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