GLUE meets: Charity Shop Sue

GLUE meets: Charity Shop Sue
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The pandemic has been devastating for many industries and as a result, the charity sector has suffered a great deal with shop closures and donations drying up. We catch up with the UK’s favourite charity shop entrepreneur and see how her year’s been.



How are you coping with all the charity shops closed most of the year?


It’s been a challenge, but I’ve also had a chance to think of some really ground-breaking ideas for when we get back. I’ve also been trading outdoors in the local community – all safe with PPE included. 


Are you still able to exercise that charitable heart and help others in this difficult time?


To be honest I’m one of those people that rarely thinks about themselves and eh… let’s face it – you can’t spell charitable without a H.E.A.R.T. 


Have you been doing anything creative whilst having all this free time or have you turned to Netflix?


I’ve been doing some online styling consultations for people. I help people pull out parts of their wardrobe they thought was crusty and make it fabulous. It’s helped me raise a bit of money on the side and also – let’s be honest – it’s changed people’s lives. 


Are Viki and the girls ok, did they get furloughed?


I think some of them were on furlough even before the pandemic but anyway let’s leave that there. I do miss them very much. I still catch up over zoom in my spare time but they do my head in – especially when people don’t think I can hear them talking about me under the breath. 


Do you think charity shops should have been classed as essential services?


Well yeah – now you ask that question darlin – yer I do! It helps the economy, protects the planet. Obviously everything needs cleaning before it goes on the shelf – but I’ve got ways to sort that out very quickly.


Are you missing pubs, clubs and dancing?


I definitely miss going to the pub – especially after a hard day’s work. Some afternoons I could just spend hours in there. 


What activities have been your lockdown comforts and your lockdown vices?


Well I stopped smoking again so that’s no longer a vice but it turns out I traded that in for online gambling. My comfort has just been in my PJ‘s and lying down in a luxury dressing gown, feeling fabulous, but very relaxed. 

Sue's opinion on mask wearing is evident
Sue’s opinion on mask wearing is evident

Did you manage to open up at all and did you have any good incentives (we know you’re good at that) to get shoppers back in?


Yes we did open up and we definitely started off with a bang. We had three people in the shop at a time which made it feel like a luxury experience. Also to avoid people touching things – I got the volunteers to demo each of the items that customers were interested in. One thing that didn’t work out was spraying people down with anti-back as they entered. One day, Viki got the wrong spray and was dousing people with toilet freshener. 


Being a celebrity yourself, have you been following any other celebs in the last year and if so who?


I’ve had some really nice moments with some wonderful music stars like Louise, Sam Smith, Jade Thirlwall, Will Young, Bat for Lashes and Darren Hayes. To be honest listening to all their music has helped me through lockdown. I was thinking – perhaps I might inspire them all to write new music? 


Do you have any tips for people who are struggling with being on their own or missing their friends?


Yeah but what I like to do is get some dolls and put my old iPad and phone screens on their faces. Then I called up my friends and pretend they’re in the room with me. It’s like a teddy bears picnic – but more real – you know? 



Thank you Sue. We also have  few questions from your avid fans via @itslitgayshit if you’d be so kind.


Will there be a new series this year? We need Sue Tuke to save 2021! 



That’s my dream. But will it come true? Who knows? 


Biggest fashion influence for you laydeh?



It’s got to be Bananarama, Grace Jones and Madonna. It always has been – it always will be. 


How do you determine your pricing structure?



I use a lot of intuition and a little pinch of magic. 


Fashion trend predictions for 2021?



I’m thinking we can go for an Elenor Ripley vibe of futuristic, practical and effortless. It will also come in handy when we deal with the worlds next crisis… aliens. 


Who is your favourite gay icon?

@courtneythe mermaid


Madonna – I am mad-on-her. 


You can see all the episodes and heaps more over on Sue’s YouTube channel HERE

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