Tom Daley launches his first knitting line ‘Made With Love’

Tom Daley launches his first knitting line ‘Made With Love’
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Tom Daley not only smashed his first gold at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics but he melted out hearts too with his knitting antics when supporting his pals. 


Well, we knew it was going to happen but Tom is now turning his hobby into a business with Made With Love, a selection of knitting kits to encourage people to get into the noble art. 


Talking on his dedicated Instagram page, Tom said: “It’s been a journey for me that started when I first picked up my knitting needles in March 2020. Fast forward 18 months and I’m so proud to introduce these kits to you all so that you can experience the joy I found learning to knit.”


Clearly genuinely loving what he does, Tom goes on: “I designed these knit kits to help encourage you to pick up those needles, learn the basics, and fall in love with knitting at the same time – all whilst creating something to show off or pass on.” 


Divided simply into beginner, easy, intermediate, and advance, the knit kits are for people who love knitting or crocheting or simply want to learn and are here for letting Tom lead the way in what is traditionally the sort of past time your nan would enjoy. 


The first collection includes a vest, scarves, cardigans, jumpers, stockings and a blanket with the kit or for the woolly hat he models in the pic above having already sold out. The kits include needles, a biodegradable yarn made of Merino wool and knitting patterns for you to try!


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