Ukrainian drag queen hangs up wig (for now) to fight the Russian invasion

Ukrainian drag queen hangs up wig (for now) to fight the Russian invasion
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AuRa, a drag queen in Kyiv has told her story of hanging up her wig (for now) and joining the military just a month ago. Real name Arthur Ozerov, the 32-year-old said “I love my country. Therefore, I decided that I should make every effort to somehow help.”


The horrors of the Russian invasion have become even worse this week with evidence of further war crimes in the town of Bucha, just outside Kyiv. Openly gay man Ozeroy had carved a name for himself on the capital’s gay scene but said of the war “I can’t just sit home and watch how people are killed, houses are destroyed.”


Ozeroy first signed up to the military at the beginning of March, taking a position in military administration with a focus on logistical coordination of local relief efforts.


Gay-marriage is not actually legal in Ukraine but LGBTQ+ people would have a far worse time under Russian rule, where Putin makes no secret of his homophobia citing (you guessed it!) ‘traditional family values’. Sigh. 


The bravery and solidarity of the Ukrainian people from ALL walks of life has impressed the world as they have scuppered Putin’s forces at every turn. If a Ukrainian out gay drag queen (who also, wonderfully, happens to be a bee keeper) can take a stand then so could we all. A sobering lesson. 

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