Acclaimed LGBTQ music pioneer Sophie dies at 34

Acclaimed LGBTQ music pioneer Sophie dies at 34
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The music world was rocked today when the news that artist and über-producer Sophie ricocheted around the world.  


Tributes have flooded onto social media from the likes of Chic’s Nile Rogers, Christine and the Queens and Charlie XCX whom they had worked with.


A transgender icon in their own right, Sophie released the critically acclaimed album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides in 2018, previously highlighting their LGBTQ+ status in the music video for 2017’s Okay To Cry.


Sophie worked with Madonna, at the superstar’s request, on the song Bitch, I’m Madonna and was considered a pioneer and ‘an icon of liberation’.


The Glasgow born, Grammy nominated artist was living in Athens and had gone up on the roof to observe the full moon only to tragically fall.

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