KyivPride joins forces with Warsaw Pride to march for peace in the Polish capital

KyivPride joins forces with Warsaw Pride to march for peace in the Polish capital
Marchers at the conjoined KyivPride and Warsaw Equality Parade
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Despite their country being in the grips of a bloody war, queer Ukrainians have observed KyivPride by joining with Warsaw Pride in the Polish capital to march for peace.


Even though Poland has something of a chequered reputation when it comes to LGBTQ+ inclusivity, Warsaw Pride saw roughly 120,000 revellers including roughly 500 Ukrainians, which was over double the amount they expected. The combined Pride displayed a renewed vigour to march not only for gay rights but peace in the Ukraine.


The combined event was held in conjunction with the two Eastern European capitals and called for queer people around the world to show “maximum solidarity” with LGBTQ+ Ukrainians and an end to war. When it comes to refugees, Poland has taken the lion’s share of Ukrainians fleeing the war.


The executive director of KyivPride, Lenny Emson, said after the event: “It was wonderful and beautiful, a very exciting presence. When we looked into the future, we realized that unfortunately we could not foresee when the war will stop, or how we can actually be visible as a community. During the Russian invasion, Warsaw Pride was always helping us with humanitarian aid and with medications, and they were sheltering our people. So it was very natural for us to partner with the nation that has accepted the biggest number of Ukrainian refugees.”


Julia Maciocha, the President of Warsaw Pride said that partnering with KyivPride partnership made perfect sense. She said: “They explained how they were supposed to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, but of course due to this horrendous war, they cannot do that in Kyiv. So they asked if they could use Warsaw Pride and make a joint march, to let them walk on our streets since they cannot walk on their own.”


Despite that fact that all Ukrainian men aged between 18-60 are required by law to stay and fight, KyivPride organisers were able to bring over about 25 activists from LGBTQ organisations all across Ukraine.


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