Royal Mail issues new set of stamps to commemorate 50 years of Pride

Royal Mail issues new set of stamps to commemorate 50 years of Pride
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The Royal Mail in the UK have released a brand new set of stamps that celebrate and commemorative this year’s milestone of 50 years of Pride


Britain’s postal system is steeped in history and the new set of 8 stamps have been designed to mark major landmarks for LGBTQ+  people over the past 50 years including combatting prejudice and abuse as well as  achievements over the years like the legalisation of same sex marriage.


David Gold, The Royal Mail’s director of external affairs and policy said of the stamps: “The vibrant, colourful Pride events that take place in towns and cities across the UK today trace their origins to a small number of people who marched through central London half a century ago to raise awareness of discrimination and inequality.”


He continued: “There have been huge changes in laws and social attitudes, but Pride events continue to play a key role in raising awareness of discrimination, as well as celebrating diversity and individualism.”


The Royal Mail itself also released a statement saying that it had consulted with its staff about the stamps, effusing: “The spirit of Pride was one of defiant visibility. At London’s first event there was even a ‘kiss-in’ – a mass display of same-sex affection, while people at early Pride events chanted slogans such as, ‘Gay is fun! Gay is proud! Gay is beautiful!'”  




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