Dame Joan Collins assaulted with a bread roll in private members club

Dame Joan Collins assaulted with a bread roll in private members club
How DARE you! Dame Joan Collins in slightly happier times.
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Look at the time and remember where you were when you heard the news. Camp legend Dame Joan Collins has been assaulted with a bread roll. And a hard one at that. 

Ok, now you’ve calmed down we can tell you all the T. Picture the scene, the Dame is quietly enjoying a night out with pals at super swanky venue the Chelsea Arts Club in London when a boozed up woman, unhappy with being denied an audience with Collins, decided to use a pastry projectile to indicate her displeasure.

Ms Collins said of the distressing incident: “A drunken diner who inappropriately wanted to sit with us got upset and threw a hard bread roll at me, and she didn’t even have the decency to follow it up with the butter.
It was a private dinner for a friend’s birthday, my once PR Stella Wilson.”

Stella said to the Mail Online that the woman was : “Swaying around and not making any sense. She knew who Joan was because she told her, “I have always admired you.” None of us could understand why she threw it. It was an upsetting incident for everybody.”

88-year-old Joan hurried left the venue and was apparently somewhat understandably disturbed by the whole affair. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dame Joan and her family at this difficult time.  You can’t even be a Dame and have a meal in peace during these troubled times. Sheesh. Let us all thank the gay gods it wasn’t a baguette.

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