Kylie Minogue drops video for Gloria Gaynor duet

Kylie Minogue drops video for Gloria Gaynor duet
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Kylie Minogue has shadow dropped a new music video for her duet with the OG disco diva entitled Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You. The track was featured on the Red Carpet Edition of her latest album Disco which was a lockdown hit all over the world. 


As for the video, it’s got more sparkles than errr a Kylie Minogue dress as you’d expect. While it isn’t played for camp laughs like Kiss of Life, her collab with Jessie Ware, the fact that it features Minogue and Gaynor is truly legendary.


Ever since Gaynor’s I Will Survive hit the charts back in 1978. it’s been  a gay anthem, played in every gay bar and karaoke parlour the world over. Hey she’s even got the word ‘gay’ in her surname!! As for Kylie, she has ALWAYS been a queer icon so we are HERE for this all day long. 


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