Russian TV hits new low with anti-LGBTQ+ ‘game show’ entitled I’m Not Gay

Russian TV hits new low with anti-LGBTQ+ ‘game show’ entitled I’m Not Gay
Anti-LGBTQ troll Vitaly Milonov and his new revolting show.

Anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment in Russia is rife and the orchestrator of their version of ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill, Vitaly Milonov is fronting a new TV show where contestants must guess which one of them is gay in order to win a cash prize.

Like something out of a nightmare, the voiceover goes in straight away with anti-gay slurs and sentiment, saying: “Finding a gay in our country is like finding a working McDonald’s. They definitely exist but there are very few of them and not everyone knows about them.”

Towing Putin’s and some other parts of Europe’s line that there are hardly any LGBTQ+ in their countries – a blatant lie designed to disenfranchise queer people – the show plays on the chilling idea of trying sniff out the gay man in a group of 8 who have moved into a house together. 

The cast includes an MMA fighter, a blogger and a sexologist to name but a few who must compete to either keep their sexuality hidden (in which case they would win the 2 million ruble prize) or if they are ‘discovered’, the remaining contestants split the prize money. 

In a chilling twist, 48-year-old Milonov, who’s ‘anti-gay propaganda’ bill was rushed through parliament by Putin in 2012, tells the participants: “I hope that you will quickly figure out the gay” and then makes a throat-slitting gesture then, once the episode has finished and if the contestants falsely identify the gay contestant, he says: “You killed an innocent person.”

Sickening challenges include parading scantily clad models in front of the men to see if the gay man accidentally reveals himself somehow. The dehumanising nature of the show is truly shocking even by Russian standards and we can’t really understand why the gay man involved (if there even is one) would debase himself by participating.  


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