RuPaul to host celebrity version of game show for UK channel ITV

RuPaul to host celebrity version of game show for UK channel ITV
RuPaul Charles headed to ITV in the fall

How many RuPauls are there? TELL US! There has to be more than one as how does he find the time to do SO much? As well as a zillion versions of Drag Race, its been announced that he will host a celebrity spin-off of ITV game show Lingo in the UK. 


The regular version of Lingo with Brit comedian Adil Ray, 48, on hosting duties has been commissioned for a third season but RuPaul will front the ‘famous people’ shoe and said the following: “Now, more than ever before, people want to have fun, and Celebrity Lingo is here to serve it up generously.”


The show looks a lot like a TV version of Wordle (except Lingo first aired in the UK back in 1988, you do the math) and Ru will be on presenting duties for 7 hour-long episodes that will air in the autumn. 


Ray, 48, said: “I’m so grateful to everyone watching at home, the entire crew and our fab contestants for giving me another chance to host one of the best shows on TV. Even to those who shout four-letter Lingos at me in the street! Welcome to the team, RuPaul.”


Clearly doing Drag Race UK for the BBC isn’t enough screen time for Mama Ru in Britain (ITV is the BBC’s rival station) and we applaud her work ethic frankly. Michelle Visage’s love for the Brits has clearly rubbed off and Ru can’t get enough. Celebrity versions of gameshows notoriously have some ropey customers so expect ex-reality contestants and former soap stars a go-go! 


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