Kanye west and… Jeffree Star ‘affair’? Say whattt?

Kanye west and… Jeffree Star ‘affair’? Say whattt?
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Kanye west and… Jeffree Star ‘affair’? Say whattt?


Amidst everything going on in America right now, social media still managed to find time to blow up last night over a particular internet rumour surrounding Youtuber Jeffree Star and a certain unexpected rapper.


In news that will shock literally no one, it’s been reported that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are calling time on their seven year marriage.


What has come as somewhat of a twist is the rumour (started on Tiktok and then somewhat amplified by Jeffree Star himself) that one of the main reasons behind the split is an affair between JS and Kanye West. Yeah you read that right.


The 35-year-old posted a picture in which he wore a pink robe and sported multi-coloured hair, along with the caption: ‘I’m ready for Sunday Service.’ Presumably referring to Kanye’s Sunday Service series, a weekly Christian gathering with a gospel choir. He then went on to post a pic of an open road in Wyoming, where Kanye owns a ranch.


Whilst rumours have yet to be confirmed or denied, it didn’t stop social media going crazy with memes-a-plenty, many calling for the pair to be hailed #Jeffreezy

Source: @ItsLitGayShit Twitter


We’ve no idea what the rest of 2021 has in store in the celeb world, but if this is any indication then it’s going to be an interesting twelve months.


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