‘Clap For Carers’ Comes Back…Then Goes Away Again

‘Clap For Carers’ Comes Back…Then Goes Away Again
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‘Clap For Carers’ Comes Back…Then Goes Away Again

That it’s been an eventful January already is something of an understatement. Self-care and the appreciation of others are both vital to our good mental health. Remember when clapping for carers was a thing way back in 2020?


The clap itself started off as way to bring the country together at a time of great hardship and show our appreciation for our carers and NHS. As it drew on however it became something of a sticking point on a few levels. Had it become mandatory and would your neighbours judge you if you didn’t do it? Had it become political virtue signalling?


Cut to today and as the nation is plunged into another lockdown the original ‘creator’ of the clap, Annemarie Plas, tweeted that she was bringing it back. Her tweet, although well intentioned, was promptly bombarded with negative comments leading her to delete the message and scrap the idea. So 2020.

'Clap For Carers' AnneMarie Pras' short-lived Tweet
‘Clap For Carers’ AnneMarie Pras’ short-lived Tweet
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