Sega announce Pride DLC for Two Point Campus video game supporting trans charity Mermaids

Sega announce Pride DLC for Two Point Campus video game supporting trans charity Mermaids
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Video game giant and creator of Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega, has announced Pride themed downloadable content for their game Two Point Campus with a charity livestream raising money for Mermaids.


LGBTQ+ content in games is sparse but it’s getting better, especially in light of the emergence of inclusive events like the Gayming Awards which recognised queer representation in what is the most financially successful sector of the entertainment industry in the world.


Two Point Campus is ‘deep and engaging management sim from the creators of the multi-million selling Two Point Hospital’ which basically means you have to build and run your own university campus. In a statement about the LGBTQ+ content, Sega said:


“For most young people, college or University is the place to make new friends or fall in love for the very first time. This is no different in Two Point Campus, where relationships are an important new feature of the game, as you guide and nurture your students through their university experience. Two Point Studios believes in ‘love is love’, which means that in Two Point Campus, any student can form a romantic relationship with any other student.”



We love to see a major gaming company like Sega take up a cause like that of trans youth at a time when they are some of the most vilified and vulnerable members of society. You only need to open a newspaper or social media to see blatant transphobia from some main stream media outlets and public figures whether it’s about sports, single sex spaces or pretty much any aspect of modern society that trans people dare to want to exist in. 


You can donate to Sega’s campaign with Mermaids #togetherwithpride HERE which has already beaten its £15k goal to the tune of £17k at the time of writing. Streaming details and times for the online event are in the tweet above. Two Point Campus comes on all major gaming platforms August 9. 


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