Tom Daley is ‘furious’ about the decision by swimming governing body FINA for trans athlete ban

Tom Daley is ‘furious’ about the decision by swimming governing body FINA for trans athlete ban
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Tom Daley has expressed his anger at international elite swimming governing body FINA for their ban on trans athletes.


As we reported last week, not only are trans athletes not allowed to compete at all in elite competitions, but FINA’s ruling that athletes would be allowed to participate if they have fully transitioned by 12 years old is another slap in the face considering how difficult it is becoming to even be seen by a doctor at all, let alone when you are under 18.


Tom Daley has shown himself to be a fierce trans ally many times in the past and he was talking at last week’s British LGBT Awards about FINA’s decision: “I was furious. You know, like most queer people, anyone that’s told that they can’t compete or can’t do something they love just because of who they are, it’s not on. It’s something I feel really strongly about. Giving trans people the chance to share their side.”


Back in April, Tom talked about how he had lost his love for Harry Potter due to JK Rowling’s anti trans views and he doesn’t hold back when it comes to LGBTQ+ support. He continued: “It’s really, really difficult to figure out who you are when the public are watching and everybody is looking at you. It was a very stressful way to figure out who I am, honestly. But when you figure out who you are and you get to be comfortable with that, that’s when you start to move forward, and you can openly and outwardly and unapologetically do it, then you can really truly be free.”


Of course, his comments have dragged him into the ever toxic social media debate with the likes of right wing pundits Piers Morgan and Julia Hartley-Brewer criticising him. We won’t repost their tweets here but the majority of the poisonous rhetoric comes from people saying that he hates women and thinks of them as ‘wombs for hire’ seeing as he and his partner fathered a child through surrogacy.



Oh dear. All power to him for having an opinion on the matter, it’s just such a shame this topic is so beyond toxic right now that civil conversations are just a thing of the past. Here’s Tom being lovely on US television to make us all feel better. 


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