Carl Nassib pledges another $100k to help protect LGBTQ+ youth

Carl Nassib pledges another $100k to help protect LGBTQ+ youth
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The NFL’s ONLY openly gay player Carl Nassib, has pledged a further $100k to Trevor Project, a year after he came out and donated the same amount.


The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organisation for LGBTQ youth and it comes at a time queer kids have never been more at risk in the USA


Nassib made NFL history last year in June 2021 as the first active player in the football league to come out as gay. As mentioned earlier, he pledged $100k at the time and both the NFL and the Las Vegas Raiders matched that donation. 


In a video on his Instagram this weekend, Nassib said: “I want to wish everyone a happy Pride Month. I also want to remind people why Pride is important to me. Out there right now, there’s a kid saying, ‘I would rather be dead than be gay.’ And that’s why I’m partnering again with the Trevor Project and matching all donations up to $100,000. I really hope you guys join me in supporting this awesome organization and supporting these young kids. I hope you guys have a great rest of your Pride Month, and thank you very much.”

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