Tom Daley presents his own Pride collection with all profits headed to charity

Tom Daley presents his own Pride collection with all profits headed to charity
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British Olympic gold medallist and certified twunk Tom Daley is no stranger to getting in on the fashion game with his own knitwear line, but now he’s gone a step further with a new Pride collection.


Ever since Tom came out he has been a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ rights around the world and he has decided to donate all the proceeds of his new non-knitted collection to charity Rainbow Railroad, who dedicate their time to supporting and often removing queer people from countries where they are in danger because of their sexuality or gender identity. 


Tom said of the charity: “As an athlete, I’ve visited countries where it’s illegal to be me, but protected by the international rules for competing athletes. Every time I go, I think about people like me in that country that either can’t live authentically or are at danger because they are. That’s why I wanted to launch a Pride collection where every penny of the profits go to Rainbow Railroad.”


Daley went on: “This incredible charity helps people in our community escape state-sponsored violence and get them to safety. It’s awful that they’re even needed, but I’m glad they’re there doing incredible work.”


Included in his new collection, are hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and, of course, vests which are available in a variety of pleasing colours including a delightful pastel pink, pastel blue and pastel yellow. With prices starting at a very reasonable £25 for adults and £15 for kids. 


You can have a gander at Tom’s latest goodies on his website here and check out below to see some of the great work Rainbow Railroad do. 


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