Life is Strange: True Colors sweeps board at Gayming Awards 2022

Life is Strange: True Colors sweeps board at Gayming Awards 2022
Gayming Awards 2022 - Host Julia Hardy and Glue's Sam Dowler and the big winner Life is Strange: True Colors
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It was a night like no other at the Gayming Awards 2022 where LGBTQ+ inclusivity and talent in and around video gaming was celebrated within an industry that’s crying out for more queer representation. 


After a moving and personal opening speech, the hilarious and engaging broadcaster Julia Hardy hosted the show with style and aplomb, kicking off with some stellar drag performances that were all streamed live on Twitch, the brand partner of the awards. 


The CEO and founder of Gayming Magazine Robin Gray said: “Representation both in game and in the industry is critically important now more than ever. As the LGBTQ community is being attacked, divided and silenced, we owe it to the next generation of LGBTQ people to be seen in the games they love. It’s my honour to be able to stand here and bring us all together to lift each other up and celebrate queer excellence.”


Gray received a standing ovation when he finished his speech, declaring defiantly that: “The whole LGBTQIA2+ community is one big family united under one fabulous umbrella and we must stand together as dark forces seek to divide us. Let me say this very clearly, there is no LGB without the T”, a reference to the recent groundswell in organisations such as the abhorrent LGB Alliance


Multi-platform graphic adventure Life Is Strange: True Colors by Deck Nine was the big winner taking home 3 awards. Published by gaming behemoth Square Enix, it won Game Of The Year and the Authentic Representation Award while its main character Alex Chen won Best LGBTQ Character Award. 


On a personal note, it was actually incredibly moving to see a community within a community coming together and celebrating such diversity and togetherness.  Video games have been bigger and more lucrative than the movie industry for a while now and if you thought LGBTQ+ representation in films was poor, then games are even worse. Gaming itself is such a safe space for queer people where you can be who you want to be in a fantasy world where freedom and adventure are paramount.


Being the ONLY worldwide awards celebration of LGBTQ+ gaming, the Gayming Awards are pushing the boundaries and will only get bigger and bolder as the years go on. With huge sponsors like Twitch, Playstation, Square Enix and Xbox, it’s clear that the industry is moving in the right direction.


A full list of winners on the night are as follows:


Game of the Year – Life is Strange: True Colors

Gayming Magazine Readers’ Award – Resident Evil Village

Gayming Icon Award – Tanya DePass

Industry Diversity Award – Ukie‘s #RaiseTheGame pledge

Authentic Representation Award – Life is Strange: True Colors

Best LGBTQ Character Award – Alex Chen, Life is Strange: True Colors

Best LGBTQ Indie Game Award – Unpacking

LGBTQ Streamer of the Year – Aimsey

Best LGBTQ Contribution to Esports – Emi “CaptainFluke” Donaldson

LGBTQ Tabletop Game Award – Adventuring With Pride: Queer We Go Again

Best LGBTQ Comic Book Moment – The Pride Omnibus


If you fancied picking up the stand out game of the night, here’s the trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors below.


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