New ad campaign targets Florida’s horrific ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

New ad campaign targets Florida’s horrific ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill
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The state of politics in the USA at the moment is so divisive that there is a very serious danger of democracy failing. Trump’s lies and years of targeted misinformation have created a division that has metastasised throughout the nation and it’s LGBTQ+ people that have become a target for the posturing conservative right.


As well as the banning of books that cover LGBTQ+ lifestyles in a positive fashion comes Florida‘s Governor Ron DeSantis’s ‘Don’t Say Gay bill which chillingly means kids or teachers won’t be able to discuss LGBTQ+ issues in school. The ban is wide ranging and more reminiscent of an Eastern European autocracy than modern day United States. 


In an effort to combat what is being suggested, the group Equaity Florida have released a pair of ads highlighting just how negative this would be for queer Floridians. Nadine Smith, the group’s executive director has said in a press release:


“Not since the days of Anita Bryant have we seen such craven attempts by a leader to build political power by targeting and demonizing LGBTQ people. Governor DeSantis is pushing legislation to curb free speech, propagandize school curriculums, and monitor classroom conversations, private workplaces, and doctor’s offices — all in order to outflank Donald Trump to the right and build an onramp to run for President in 2024. As a parent of a 10-year-old, these bills fail to protect my child and our family. It is a tool for the state to censor and that encourages lawsuits against schools as a means of intimidation.”


Also on DeSantis’s agenda is the ‘Stop Woke Act’ which would allow parents of students to sue schools teaching critical race theory or anything that could ‘make students uncomfortable’. Smith’s chilling words above couldn’t ring more true. Trumpism is a movement that strives to divide and conquer the nation by any means necessary and queer people are just seen as collateral damage in the culture wars. Without doubt, it will get worse before it gets better.


President Biden has condemned the bills and pulled no punches saying in a statement from the White House: “Just imagine what it would feel like to be a kid watching the leaders in your state bully you through legislation that tries to erase your existence. These types of attacks are the root cause of the mental health crisis that LGBTQI+ face. The president wants LGBTQI+ young people who may be feeling scared or alone because of these legislative attacks to know that they are loved exactly for who they are, and that he won’t stop fighting for the protections and safety they deserve.”


Check out the ads below. 

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