The View’s Joy Behar told viewers to ‘just come out’ over Thanksgiving

The View’s Joy Behar told viewers to ‘just come out’ over Thanksgiving

Anyone who watches The View regularly will know that comedy legend Joy Behar likes to speak before she thinks at times and this week she’s been accused of dishing out misguided advice when she told closeted viewers to ‘just come out’ to their family at Thanksgiving. 


Sunny Hostin backed her up saying you should be your authentic self whilst Joy chimes back in saying ‘don’t ever let anyone tell you how you ought to be’. All good advice but she’s gotten a bit of backlash for her comments. 


One Twitter user wrote: “Many of our fellow community members face real threats to their lives if they come out to family. If you haven’t been in this situation, don’t give us advice.”

Another viewer implored people to ignore Behar’s recommendation. “LGBTees pls do not listen to Joy Behar and come out to your families today if you’re not ready or don’t feel safe to do so.”


At the end of the day, we hardly think Joy is going to be forcing people to come out to their families when they aren’t ready so it’s slightly mean-spirited to make out that an off the cuff, supportive comment by a TV presenter is going to put young gays in danger. See for yourself below:



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