Australian PM introduces bill allowing organisations to discriminate based on faith

Australian PM introduces bill allowing organisations to discriminate based on faith

The culture war continues to rage across the pond in Australia and in response to ‘cancellation culture’ the Prime Minister Scott Morrison has gone the other way proposing a bill that could override existing protections for vulnerable groups. The loophole? Religion OF COURSE!


It was only 2017 when same-sex marriage was legalised in a nation where everything though things were a lot more progressive due to the prevalence of Aussie queer culture in the media. LGBT+ groups in Australia have attacked the new bill, saying employers would discriminate against gay students and teachers using religion.


Clearly trying to appeal to a religious right that he is a part of (sound familiar?) Morrison said: “People should not be cancelled or persecuted or vilified because their beliefs are different from someone else’s. Australians shouldn’t have to worry about looking over their shoulder, fearful of offending an anonymous person on Twitter or transgressing against political or social zeitgeists.”


In response, Anna Brown, the chief executive of nonprofit Equality Australia said fo the proposed bill: “It will wind back hard-fought protections for women, people with disability, LGBTIQ+ people, and even people of faith. What constitutes discrimination today, will be lawful tomorrow, allowing people to say harmful, insulting and demeaning things. Things like a medical worker telling a person living with HIV that AIDS is a punishment from God, or a person living with disability that their disability is caused by the devil.”


The bill is expected to be put to vote in the Australia lower house next week. Let’s hope sense takes over instead of political grand standing, once again at the expense of vulnerable people.