Unearthed Emma Watson video about trans women using public bathrooms goes viral

Unearthed Emma Watson video about trans women using public bathrooms goes viral
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Emma Watson has hit the headlines AGAIN by being a bonafide trans ally (and ACTUAL feminist) but this time from a video recorded in 2019. In a sit down interview for British Vogue with trans author Paris Lees, she’s asked if she would feel comfortable using a public bathroom with her to which Watson replies ‘Oh my god of course.’

Yep, this is where we are people. Something that seemed so simple back in 2019 has morphed into a toxic debate spanning politics the entire world over. In the viral video, Watson is then asked what she would say to someone (mentioning no names JK) who might feel uncomfortable with sharing a public bathroom with a trans woman and she replies:

“That’s another human being. I understand fearing what you don’t know. I understand kind of being like, ‘I don’t really understand this, I’ve never met someone [trans].’ But go … go learn, go speak … go look into the whites of someone’s eyes that’s had this experience and tell me after you’ve done that … there’s any part of you that feels it’s OK to make that person not feel included.” 

She goes on to say that doing so is “such a painful, awful thing to do. It has such big effects.I guess what I would ask them is, ’Have you ever felt that you weren’t included? Have you ever felt yourself not welcome somewhere?”

What Watson did waaaaay back in 2019 was to remind people of the humanity behind the ‘trans debate’. JK Rowling has been asked many times to sit down in this fashion with someone like Paris Lees and maybe learn a thing or two about how her rhetoric isn’t just painful but damaging and eventually potentially life threatening.  Here’s the video in full. 

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