Britney unbound – why we need to start listening to Spears’ story of abuse and enslavement

Britney unbound – why we need to start listening to Spears’ story of abuse and enslavement
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The true horror of Britney Spears’ plight was laid bare this week and if we are to take her at her word, those around her are not just manipulators but criminals that need to be prosecuted. 


The one time I met Britney (pictured, clearly awkward body language) I was instructed ‘not to touch her’ which I thought was odd as one usually didn’t touch über celebrities anyway unless they engaged you in a hug or a hand shake. The two times I’d come closest to wanting to embrace my idols was with Madonna and Meryl Streep but I thought better of it having ‘read the room’ at the time. 


I love Britney but I certainly would never have said I was a mega-fan like so many of my pals and, in fact, the thousands of people who dedicate their time to the #freebritney campaign. Following the Framing Britney Spears documentary, it was like their ‘movement’ was suddenly given credence. With Britney’s statement this week however, their movement wasn’t just validated, it was vindicated. 


In her statement to Judge Brenda Penny, she revealed the extent of the abuse levelled at her during the last 13 YEARS and apologised to her fans for keeping the truth from them. ‘I’ve lied and told the whole world I’m OK and I’m happy. It’s a lie’ she said. Britney didn’t hold back either, saying that she ultimately wanted to sue the perpetrators of her abuse, her father and family included, when and if she was able to. 


She spoke of years of trauma, carried out in plain sight. As she danced on stage, judged on American Idol and chatted on talk shows, she was secretly shackled, enslaved and unable to express what she was really going through. She likens her experience to being sex trafficked, and she isn’t wrong. 


When we met there was something missing in her eyes, the joy of doing the job she’d always dreamed of was absent. She was vacant and evasive as most astute fans could tell even from their seats high up at a concert arena. We all knew Britney had checked out and we all went along with it because she assured us she was ok. 


To hear her words was cathartic. She spoke nervously, fumbled her sentences and rushed though her prepared statement like a prisoner given only a small window of opportunity to explain what was happening to them. Britney talked of being forced to work, to take lithium that left her debilitated and to have to live with zero privacy amid threats that if she didn’t comply she wouldn’t be able to see her children or her boyfriend. 


How this proceeds is in the hands of the courts but it’s difficult to see how she can remain in this controversial conservatorship having now spoken her shocking truth. She depicts her father as the malicious masochistic jailer and her nurses as his cohorts, all the while expunging her money that they in turn had forced her to make. It’s really quite sickening to hear her hurriedly tell us that she is the one funding and paying her enslavers to continue what hey are doing to her – all the while never being advised that there was any way our of her hideous labyrinth of personal hell. 


It’s reported that she has now jetted off to a (thankfully) undisclosed location with her boyfriend Sam Asghari but not before saying on her Instagram: ‘I apologize for pretending like I’ve been ok the past two years … I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me … but honestly who doesn’t want to capture there Instagram in a fun light!!!!’


As Britney’s un-fairytale unravels, it all becomes clear that while indeed she was a pop princess, she was one being held in a tower against her will but has finally been given a voice – and like with ANY victim, we need to believe her. 


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