Stranger Things rockets Kate Bush up the worldwide charts… and it’s about time

Stranger Things rockets Kate Bush up the worldwide charts… and it’s about time
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The Kate Bush track Running Up That Hill has topped the US iTunes chart and is due to re-enter the UK Official Chart this week as well as charts around the world in the wake of it featuring heavily in season 4 of hit Netflix show Stranger Things.


Of course, we aren’t going to reveal any spoilers, but it isn’t just a cursory soundtrack song but an actual essential plot point in the gargantuan smash series that has broken Bridgerton‘s record as the most watched English language programme on the streaming giant. 


Although we are yet (unsurprisingly) to hear from the lady herself, Kate Bush’s legions of fans across the globe are by turns ecstatic at their idol’s resurgence but also possessive and exasperated that it has taken this long for the TikTok generation to ‘find’ her.


She has always been around, of course, but when Winona Ryder (a self-confessed Kate Bush fan) wore a badge to the Stranger Things 4 premiere, people were intrigued as to why. She said: “For the last seven years [I’ve] been dropping hints on set wearing my Kate Bush T-shirts” and clearly in a show so based in the 80s it was only a matter of time Bush’s influential music played a role of its own. 


So if you are new to Kate, what next? Bush is a gay icon and has been from the get go with her mesmerising music and accompanying dance moves that became her signature. Listening to her early albums, it almost seemed like she was an artist from another plane of existence, with music that was unique, eccentric and often confusing. Sound familiar? Her work is synonymous with the gay experience and we gravitated towards her bewitching sound with its bizarre narratives and other-worldly quality. 


In that vein, we have gathered a few Kate Bush essentials that, if you are new to her body of work, will get you started on a journey that might actually change your life. 


First up is her 1978 debut Wuthering Heights, inspired by the Emily Brontë 1847 masterpiece of the same name. Listeners were blow away by the entire all-encompassing piece of music and accompanying video and she became a legend over night. Check it out below:



Next up, is a later track from her 1993 album The Red Shoes. With its driving drums and earworm of a guitar riff, Rubberband Girl was an instant classic in Kate Bush’s canon. 



Driving drums you say? Cloudbusting is taken from the same album as Running Up That Hill, 1985’s Hound of Love which is largely touted as one of the best albums OF ALL TIME. Seriously, it is a work of pure genius and it would improve your very soul to listen to it in full. Cloudbusting takes no prisoners and to this day, sounds like nothing else. 



Now for something a little different and a song that bears infinite listens. The Sensual World is taken from the album of the same name in 1989. Yes, the year that Taylor Swift was born and wrote an album about it. This track is purely spellbinding and transports you to beguiling world of life, magic… and sex. Kate Bush has NEVER shied away from singing and writing about sex and this song encapsulates the very act in just a few precious minutes. 



We really could go on and on about Kate’s back catalogue that stands the test of time like almost no other artist in the world but while her albums may be a long time coming, they are each exquisite in their own way. King of the Mountain is the lead single from Aerial and acts a sort of entry point to the album itself which is like an aural soup of sounds and effects that once again captures her pure genius. 



Another classic from The Sensual World, This Woman’s Work is often considered as one of the best, most emotive songs of all time. Covered by Maxwell in 2001 (the video which has been viewed 90 million times on You Tube), Kate’s original will blow you away with its passion, musicality and powerful lyrics.–YefD8

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