Neil Patrick Harris had to approve the c**k pic used in Netflix’s Uncoupled

Neil Patrick Harris had to approve the c**k pic used in Netflix’s Uncoupled
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The brand new Netlifx show Uncoupled is getting quite the boost if you happen to be a fan of Neil Patrick Harris. 


The LGBTQ+ drama for the streaming giant hopes to tap into some huge audiences for recent queer content like Heartstopper and Umbrella Academy. 


Uncoupled follows NPH as a New York real estate agent called Michael Lawson who is getting back into the dating game after his long term boyfriend ditches him after 17 years. 


As we all know, 5 years is a long time in the dating world, let alone 17 so he’s understandably perturbed on how to navigate the new world of dating apps and the like. 


On realising he simply HAS to have a ‘dick pic’ (note from us, you don’t need to have one and should only ever do what you feel comfortable doing), he endeavours to take the perfect one. 


Now we have learned the NPH himself got to approve the pic used and wanted to make sure he wasn’t ‘misrepresented’ let’s say. He said to Page Six: ‘Not only did I get approval, I was asked to choose said d***, which is harder than you think – no pun intended.’ 


He was asked whether he’d like to use a flaccid prosthetic and he was NOT pleased, saying: ‘It was not OK because I’m more proud of Michael’s member than something that is mass-produced, that you can purchase online’


Neil continued in the same vein (another pun intended), saying ‘So we started looking through photos of people who have taken pics of their dongs in locker rooms and you had to find the right angle and girth and manscapery. And I think we found the right mix. I’m proud of what I’m packing downstairs.’


Whatever your thoughts on Neil, it’s clear that the show is going into meticulous detail when it comes to queer dating and we are here for that. Uncoupled starts streamed TODAY on Netflix. 


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