Queers in crisis: cars.

Queers in crisis: cars.
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Cars.  We’ve all seen them before.  The red ones, the blue ones, the grey ones.  The big ones.  The small ones.  But what actually is a car?  And how the hell are we supposed to know how to describe it?
This question has been debated over by the greatest minds of the world.  And in this paradox is where we find our hero, a gay man named Matt as he lands himself in one mysterious predicament: “Where’s my car??”  
Don’t fret Matt, the Queers in Crisis Hotline is here to help!

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Created by: @the_homo_sapien_experience
Written by and Starring: Brandon Contreras @ohhey_brandon and Matthew Curiano @mattycake89
Also Starring: Maura Daly @mauracakes 
Edited by: Michael Witkes @hausofpancake 
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