Britney Spears set for “record breaking” $15M deal to pen tell-all book

Britney Spears set for “record breaking” $15M deal to pen tell-all book
Image: Instagram @britneyspears
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Britney Spears has reportedly sealed a MASSIVE book deal said to be worth as much as $15 million.


Insiders say that, following a huge bidding war from multiple publishers, Brit has reached a landmark $15 million deal with publishing house Simon & Schuster for her tell-all memoir about her career, her family and, of course, her controversial conservatorship. 


According to comments from Page Six, who first reported about the signing, it is thought that “the deal is one of the biggest of all time behind the Obamas”, with their sum reportedly surpassing $60 million, the largest ever known figure for nonfiction books.


In 2021, two full-length features documenting Britney’s life and legal struggles were released – Netflix’s Britney vs Spears and New York Times’ Framing Britney Spears – but the book would provide an opportunity for fans to hear Britney’s side of her story, from Britney herself. 


Britney has made several promises on social media to tell her “side of the story” in the near future and the news of a book from the beloved popstar comes just one month after estranged Sister Jamie Lynn Spears controversially released her own memoir, titled ‘Things I Should Have Said‘. 


The book, although commercially a relative success, was received with a huge backlash from Britney fans around the world and from Britney herself, who was seemingly unhappy that her family continued to capitalize and profit off her name. 


After seeing an interview Jamie Lynn did to promote the book in January, Britney took to social media: “She [Jamie Lynn] was never around me much 15 years ago at the time … so why are they even talking about that unless she wants to sell a book at my expense ??? REALLY ???”


Also on Instagram, where the signer is most active, she wrote in January: “I wish you would take a lie detector test so all these masses of people see you’re lying through your teeth about me” 


The iconic performer was finally released from her 13-year court-ordered conservatorship in November 2021, following the global #FreeBritney movement and huge public and media pressure, and the star has been outspoken about her family’s treatment of her on social media since.

At the time, Judge Brenda Penny said:

“The conservatorship of the person and estate of Britney Jean Spears is no longer required,” she said at the time. “The conservatorship is hereby terminated.”


Britney has, at the time of writing, yet to comment on the reports.

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