Elliot Page and Gabrielle Union condemn Texas anti-trans laws

Elliot Page and Gabrielle Union condemn Texas anti-trans laws
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Last week we brought you the despicable news about Texas’s latest round of anti-trans bills and it seems people aren’t just gong to take these outrages lying down.


A host of big name celebrities and allies have spoken out against the bill, from Andy Cohen to Kerry Washington.


Elliot Page, who recently announced he was penning a biography about his own trans journey, said in a statement: “I am horrified by the inhumane and downright dangerous declarations by the Texas Governor and Attorney General. Trans youth deserve gender-affirming care and to be able to live their true, authentic selves without fear and oppression. I stand with trans youth and their families.”


Actress and LGBTQ+ ally Gabrielle Union also waded into the row about Gov Abbott’s new law which classes any gender affirming care or therapy as child abuse, saying in a tweet: “This is where we are. We shot past dangerous and horrific a long time ago. The rubber has hit the road so who is standing shoulder to shoulder in this fight? Who truly gives a s*** and whose on that performative bs? Let’s see.”


These blatantly transphobic bills are NOTHING to do with safeguarding children and EVERYTHING to do with political posturing. Politicians that think making trans kids lives even MORE difficult in order to score a few points and cling onto power are truly the lowest form of life right now. If ever there was a time to register to vote, this is it. 


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