Married At First Sight UK announces 2 same-sex couples whilst Love Island comes under MORE criticism

Married At First Sight UK announces 2 same-sex couples whilst Love Island comes under MORE criticism
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The new series of Married At First Sight UK has announced that it will feature not one but TWO same sex couples, unlike Love Island which seems to have missed the memo…


We are totally buzzed for the new series of MAFS UK which has gone a step further than last year by including male and female same-sex pairings after last year having just two guys as part of the ‘experience’. The show’s relationship expert Mel Schilling said of the new line-up:


“When it comes to finding and matching our couples, it’s so important to us that we find matches that are authentic and reflect the diversity of the society we live in. That’s why I’m so thrilled that this year we’re welcoming not just one, but two same sex couples into the fold. I’m really looking forward to you meeting them – they are firecrackers and sure to keep you entertained.”

Avid watchers will have been enamoured with last year’s same-sex couple, Matt and Dan, who seem to have aced the whole process saying: “It was such an amazing experience to appear on the latest series of MAFS UK and to be representing the LGBTQ+ community on a dating show with this sort of impact. We went in not knowing what to expect from the process, other than we’d be marrying a stranger. The experts truly worked their magic.  We fell in love thanks to the process, and are still together now, happier than ever before!”


Meanwhile, Love Island has just flung open its doors again and true to form, there ain’t an LGBTQ+ person in the mix at all. Last year’s contestant Sharon Gaffka has this week spoken openly about her time in the villa where she also came out as bisexual, saying:


“There is an ongoing conversation surrounding the lack of LGBTQ+ representation on Love Island and shows of a similar nature. Apart from the potential need to send more male islanders’ home than originally anticipated, it didn’t seem logistically difficult then, so why would it be logistically difficult now?”


Well said Sharon. Maybe Love Island should take a leaf out of MAFS UK’s book and start giving the people what they want by showing a bit more diversity rather than just sticking to such heteronormative ideals which are frankly dated beyond belief!



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