Oregon’s Tina Kotek could become first lesbian State Governor after winning Democratic Primary

Oregon’s Tina Kotek could become first lesbian State Governor after winning Democratic Primary
Oregon's Tina Kotek could well make LGBTQ+ history
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History could well be made in the state of Oregon as the current Speaker of the House there, out lesbian Tina Kotek, has easily won the Democratic primary meaning she’s a shoo in to win the Governorship when Gov. Kate Brown (also a Democrat) steps down due to term time requirements. 


Who she will face in the race on the Republican side is yet to be called but it is likely to be Christine Drazan, who, along with Independent Betsy Johnson would mean it was an all female ballot at the general election in November when the new Governor is chosen.


Kotek is the favourite in the largely blue state but could face stiff competition from the very well funded Johnson. Unlike most states, Trump hadn’t endorsed anyone in Oregon, either because he thinks it’s a done deal for the Democrats and doesn’t like to back the losing side (ironic seeing as he is twice impeached and lost the Presidency to Joe Biden by a record amount of votes only to bitch and moan ever since that it was stolen from him) or none of the candidates were Trump-loving-QAnon-big-lie-embracing crazies enough for his liking.  


In her acceptance speech, Kotek said “I am deeply honored that Democratic voters across Oregon trust me to be their nominee. There is so much at stake: from protecting abortion access to defending our environment to standing up for working Oregonians who are still recovering from the pandemic. With so much on the line, Oregonians deserve someone who will fight for their interests.”


She went on to cite the road ahead: “As we head into the November election, please know this: There is only one candidate running for governor who will stand up and fight to protect all Oregonians and move our state forward. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. We have people to house, a planet to save, and a better future to build. I’m running for governor because I believe in Oregon and I’m ready to fight to make sure our state lives up to its potential.”


Vitally important in today’s politics is her stance on wider LGBTQ+ rights, “To all the LGBTQ+ youth who are watching today, just remember you are limitless and the future is yours to create. Let tonight’s victory be an example for you that there is nothing that you can’t do.”


Tina is one of a record amount of LGBTQ+ candidates running for office in these vital midterms and at a time when they are needed the most. With the very real threat of a ban on abortion and trans rights in abject peril across the nation, there has never been a more important time to register to vote. 


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