The Boulet Brothers declare ‘rules with drag are a fallacy’ as spectacular Dragula S4UK Live Tour begins

The Boulet Brothers declare ‘rules with drag are a fallacy’ as spectacular Dragula S4UK Live Tour begins
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Dragula has come on in leaps and bounds since season 1 with season 4 setting a new benchmark for the four pillars of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula ethos of Filth, Horror, Glamour and Drag.


We had an exclusive chat with them about the diversity of their show ahead of them hitting the UK on their Season 4 Live Tour. It’s bound to be a wild ride and you can get tickets via the link below.


This year has seen RuPaul’s Drag Race open up their casting to a far more diverse range of drag artists, but this is something Dragula has done from the start. We asked, was that a conscious decision to ‘move with the times’?


Swanthula Boulet was the first to be candid about a community we know little about: “Our cast are always a reflection of what is actually REAL in the queer space, the queer world is varied it is diverse it is amazing. We just feel like that’s the real representation of drag. Drag kings have been around since the beginning, trans drag artists, fluidity and all those kind of things. When we threw parties or we celebrated in the drag space, none of that stuff mattered. When we cast we just wanted the best performers, it didn’t matter about their orientations or gender identity or any of that.” 


Dracmorda Boulet continued in the same vein: “I think those rules with drag are a fallacy. Before drag was televised, those rules didn’t exist. Backstage at in a dressing room show there are people from across the spectrum represented there. It’s only since it was like ‘Hey let’s make drag televised. Hey what will people accept? Well, they’ll accept a guy in a dress everyone know what that it, that’s drag!’ That was dangerous in a lot of ways because it sort of cancelled out many sections of the drag world.”


As for the show, it looks like we’ll be in for a treat: “It’ll largely be inspiration from the season,” says Swanthula,”So you’re coming to the Dragula S4 Tour so you’ll see a lot of stuff you recognised from the show. It’ll be atmospheric and interactive, it’ll be wild!” And what about the costumes? “It’s probably 6-7 different looks for each of us every night” says Dracmorda.  Hell yeah!


Dragula delivers a type of drag that is actually more authentic than any other, where literally everyone is welcome, accepted and celebrated. We cannot wait to see what The Boulet Brothers have in store for us but one thing we do know, we’d better dress up!


Tickets for The Boulet Brother’s Dragula S4UK Tour where you can see the finalists ‘pushing the boundaries of the art form and championing inclusivity’ with winner Dahli, Saint, killer beauty queen Sigouney Beaver and the show’s first international performer Hoso Terratoma in all their hideous glory… are available HERE.


The ‘gloriously grotesque run’ starts in London on 13 March and then it’ll visit 12 more major cities across the UK including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Brighton and Bristol. We will have a review of the London show up ASAP, barring our massive hangover. 



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