Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022 while UK avoided ‘nil points’ to come second

Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022 while UK avoided ‘nil points’ to come second
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After a year off and then a pared down live show last year, the Eurovision Song Contest was back in full force last night with the spectacular final in Turin.


Despite the UK entrant Space Man by Sam Ryder landing atop the leaderboard after the judges scores, Ukraine leapt to an unbeatable pole position thanks to the outpouring of love and support from the voters of Europe. 


For those of you in the USA, the Eurovision Song Contest can often look like a very bizarre spectacle. The MANY kooky aspects of the competition even inspired Will Ferrell to create the movie Eurovision in 2020 which was supposed to be his latest big comedy until the pandemic hit. Still worth a viewing though if you’re in the mood for some Euro-based musical japes. 


The contest is rarely JUST about the music. Politics always plays a part and this year it was the war in Ukraine that drew the focus of the viewers. There was never really any doubt that Ukrainian entry Stefania by Kalush Orchestra was going to win as it was a way of people at home to pledge their support for the embattled nation.


The band members that made it to Turin had to get special permission to leave the country and one of them even stayed behind to continue fighting. After the win, President Zelensky said defiantly that the besieged city of Mariupol would host the contest next year. 


The Song Contest is always jam-packed with LGBTQ+ representation and this year was no different. Our favourite had to be Italy’s Mahmood & Blanco whose song Brividi was a gorgeous ballad sung by the two male lead singers. 


The UK’s Sam Ryder’s near win is a complete turnaround for the nation’s Eurovision track record as they got the dreaded ‘nil points’ last year. The team behind Dua Lipa and Lana Del Ray took up the mantle and clearly had it not been for the war in Ukraine, they could have on the whole thing.


The show was more than just a contest this year though because of the war. All of Europe and beyond standing together in the face of Putin’s murderous aggression is exactly the sort of message the competition wishes and needed to convey.








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