Elliot Page sets pulses racing on the cover of Esquire

Elliot Page sets pulses racing on the cover of Esquire
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Elliot Page has graced the front cover of this month’s Esquire magazine with a stunning shoot ahead of the new series of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy


Page becomes the first trans person to ever grace the cover of Esquire, continuing to break barriers as he has since coming out last year


In the written piece, which is all Elliott’s own words, the Oscar-nominated actor opens up about filming and promoting the hit movie Juno.

The 2007 drama starred Page as a teen who becomes pregnant and chooses a couple to adopt the unborn baby. However, things are put in jeopardy when the prospective father develops feelings for Juno.

Elliott Page for Esquire Magazine

Page wrote candidly about about the turbulence he experienced around the project:

“When Juno was at the height of its popularity, during awards season time, I was closeted, dressed in heels and the whole look,” he wrote. “I wasn’t okay, and I didn’t know how to talk about that with anyone.”

Then, while discussing the promotional campaign for the movie, he shared: “I said I wanted to wear a suit and Fox Searchlight was basically like, ‘No, you need to wear a dress.’ And they took me in a big rush to one of those fancy stores on Bloor Street [Toronto]. They had me wear a dress, and… and that was that.”

Elliott Page for Esquire Magazine

“And then all the Juno press, all the photoshoots – Michael Cera was in slacks and sneakers. I look back at the photos, and I’m like…?” Page continued. “That was really extremely, extremely f***ed up.”

“It doesn’t matter if I’m trans or cis. Lots of cis women dress how I dress. That has nothing to f***ing do with it,” he continued.


Page touched on the support he received after coming out as trans, but also shared some of his experiences of challenges trans people face, even when you’re in public eye: “Transphobia is just so, so, so extreme. The hatred and the cruelty is so much more incessant,” he said. 


It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Page, whose character in The Umbrella Academy will mirror his real life experience and be trans in the new series, out June 22.


Speaking about the show, Page said, “I love making The Umbrella Academy. I’ve learned how special it is to play one character for so long, to evolve with a family of characters. All of us have gone through a lot. Years have gone by, and we’ve changed and grown in our own ways,” 


Read Elliot’s full piece for Esquire here

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