First trans woman wins vote to be councillor in Glasgow for the Green Party

First trans woman wins vote to be councillor in Glasgow for the Green Party
Cllr. Elaine Gallagher wins Glasgow for the Green Party
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The Scottish Green party and LGBTQ+ visibility had a big win in politics yesterday as trans woman Elaine Gallagher won a seat in the Southside Central ward of Glasgow and said she was ‘absolutely delighted’. 


This is a victory on a few fronts for Gallagher. The toxic trans debate almost has an epicentre in Scotland as that is where JK Rowling resides, firing out anti-trans rhetoric from her ivory tower any time there is ANYTHING about trans people in the local news. So for Elaine to win her seat is truly monumental. 


She is Glasgow’s first trans councillor said she hopes her election will demonstrate that transgender people are “not a threat”. She also said that she felt “a little bit apprehensive”, going on to admit: “I have put my head above the parapet and I’m going to be a target.”


Gallagher went on to say: “It’s not oppression bingo, but I’m going to have to be very careful to not let it get to me. The people who are objecting to me in office are very often conservative people who will get used to the fact, and also, the people who object to people in office who are not (like) them will also just have to lump it.”


She recognised the toxicity of the trans debate, especially in the UK, saying: “I don’t know what it is about Britain, but there’s a very strong anti-trans lobby. But if you look at the situations in places like Ireland, or any other place where equivalent legislation has been passed, there has been no increase in any gender-based violence.”


Huge congratulations to Councillor Gallagher then! Another step forward in a time when she knows she putting herself up for abuse by even daring to run for political office. For the millionth time, Gallagher finished up saying:  “Women’s rights and trans rights are not in conflict. In fact, they are very often the same thing.”



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