Homophobes enraged by inclusive video game – developer responds saying: ‘Cope’

Homophobes enraged by inclusive video game – developer responds saying: ‘Cope’

The arcade racer Buck Up and Drive has caused a bit of a stir amongst homophobic gamers who have taken umbrage at LGBTQ+ flags appearing on some of the billboards in the game and when trying to turn them off, only succeed in making ALL the billboards rainbow flags!


As we have written about here, gaming is a bigger business than movies by a huge stretch now and the list of inclusive games is increasing all the time. As with sport, homophobia is as rife as racism in gaming so it’s vital to increase positive representation and visibility. 


Developer of the game Fábio Fontes had this to say in support of the decision to include the flags and the amusing option: “The game features a couple Pride flags (rainbow and trans) among the randomised billboards on the sides of the road. Predicting how some folk would react to their mere existence, I figured… screw it, might as well have some fun with it.”


One Twitter user couldn’t help themselves, posting ‘Currently cackling at dipshits playing Buck Up And Drive, trying to turn off lgbt flags and not realising the settings are “some flags” or “nothing but flags”’. As for the developers, in response to the homophobia, Fontes said: “My thoughts on the ones upset by it… Cope.”


Nothing is more amusing than irritating homophobes simply by existing and allowing them to expose their own bigotry. See the Tweet below and the trailer for Buck Up and Drive which is currently available on Steam.