Republicans attempt to ban Drag Queen Story Hour whilst ignoring calls for gun control

Republicans attempt to ban Drag Queen Story Hour whilst ignoring calls for gun control
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The GOP are attacking drag culture while defending gun culture as kids are being shot in their schools and, yes, this is a real headline. 

“Drag queens aren’t going into schools to shoot kids” says the head of Drag Queen Story Hour.


After 19 children were murdered in Uvalde, Texas only weeks ago, Republicans in the state turned their ire on popular drag events for kids, but the queens are fighting back.

On Monday in Texas, a GOP lawmaker said he was filing a bill to ban drag shows and any other ‘inappropriate displays’ in front of minors. SIGH. 


Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is an EDUCATION CHARITY which organises children’s book readings by drag queens in schools, libraries, and book shops, but has become a new target for conservatives with loads of their events having to be cancelled after receiving violent threats.


Executive director of DQSH, Jonathan Hamilt, was having none of that, saying: “All this is just smoke and mirrors to distract us from what’s really happening. You know, 19 students just got shot in Texas, and Texas legislation wants to ban minors from going to drag shows. It makes zero sense.”


Continuing, “It’s a sad, sorry excuse… [for] the lack of gun control, and that’s the real issue. Drag queens aren’t going into schools to shoot kids… when did we decide that it’s appropriate to teach kids how to hide under desks and not to talk about LGBT people and histories?”

Black Benatar, DQSH San Francisco

Hamilt went on, exposing the HUGE hypocrisies happening in US politics right now: “There’s been like 40 deaths [in school shootings] this year, and no children have been killed or hurt by anybody who attended a Drag Queen Story Hour, or at any Pride event. If people really wanted to protect children, it wouldn’t be banning LGBTQ education, it would be banning guns.”


Don’t Say Gay team captain Ron DeSantis has decided that’s the sort of policy he wants too (quelle surprise!), suggesting that he will follow Texas’s lead and Hamilt had something to say about that too:

“This is part of a coordinated campaign to deny the rights of LGBTQ people, who already endure disproportionate rates of suicide and homelessness, and legislate us out of existence. Any attempt to criminalise our work is rooted in tired homophobic and transphobic hate and misinformation, and we refuse to give in to politicians who are too bigoted and boring to comprehend our vision for a world in which every child can be safe fully expressing who they are.”


Meanwhile, and for added context, many social media users have been quick to accurately point out that kids in the UK have been “exposed” to drag throughout generations of upbringings, with a cornerstone in British theatre culture known as, er, PANTO. 

Christmas and public holidays wouldn’t be the same without Panto


It really does beggar belief that at a time when Democrats are BEGGING Republicans to help them pass sweeping gun control laws to slow down the epidemic of mass shootings in the USA, they are more concerned with demonising LGBTQ+ people and eroding trans youth’s right. Disgusting. 


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