Drag Queen Story Hour UK events attacked by rabid right-wing mob

Drag Queen Story Hour UK events attacked by rabid right-wing mob
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Here’s an import from the USA no-one asked for. Just as Drag Queen Story Hour events have been the target of attacks by far-right groups in America, the same thing is now happening at the UK version. 


A right-wing mob harassed a drag queen and the participants of a Drag Queen Story Hour yesterday shouting ‘paedophile’ and ‘groomer’ in a direct reflection of what’s been happening at similar educational library events in the US. It’s almost like they are to stupid to come up with their own ideas. 


Drag queen Aida H Dee is on a tour of 69 libraries up and down the country but yesterday’s show in Reading was the first of the summer and clearly the braying morons chanting their hateful slogans had taken the day off from scratching their asses to drag their knuckles all the way to the local library, which they no doubt had never seen the inside of anyway. 


Aida (real name Sam Samuels) said that a female protester managed to con her way into the show in order to commence her conspiracy theory ramblings by using her own child. He said: “She had used her own disabled son as a Trojan horse. The child had a meltdown and was screaming as she laughed. She should be ashamed.”


Of course, they wouldn’t know what a Trojan horse was anyway as that’s something you’d learn about IN A LIBRARY. Samuel’s continued: “Police had to escort me out of the building and make a human shield because they were literally chasing me.”


They had followed Dee to their second event of the day saying that they going to make a ‘citizens arrest’ and that the police were protecting a paedophile. The grooming narrative is SO tired and ridiculous that it would be easy enough to laugh off but these are radicalised right-wing extremists who have run with the ‘protecting our children’ rhetoric that’s straight out of the fascist playbook and an could EASILY spiral into violence.


Dee said: “I can’t say I’m shocked or surprised by what they did. It doesn’t matter though how non-shocked I was by the fact they were doing what they were doing – it was still scary. It still raised my heart rate. I am scared for the rest of these events.”


Stay safe and stay strong. Don’t let a marginalised few dissuade you from doing your good work Aida. 

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